Short Paragraph on My Likes and Dislikes (460 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my likes and dislikes:


Like every human beings I have many likes & dislikes. When I talk about my likes I like to talk about my favourite color, TV shows, movies, actor-actresses, food, books, pets, sports & music.


My favourite color is red. If given a choice I always choose red color because I find it pretty & glowing.

I like to wear red colored clothes often. My favourite TV show is “Just for Laughs” because I find this show very funny. My favourite movie is “Big Happy Family” because I find the characters in the movie resembling my own family members. Also the characters have done full justice to the movie with the role they have played.

My favourite Hollywood actress is Jessica Alba. My favourite Hollywood actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Lasanga is my favourite food because I like the cheesy taste of the square noodles and the sauce. My favourite book is “I Too Had a Love Story” written by Ravinder Singh.

It’s a tragic love story of Ravinder in his real life. The story is written in a very touching way. Till date I have read this book 5 times and every time it makes me cry. I couldn’t stop myself from reading the series.


I love pets. My favourite pet is dog. I like the miniature snouzer a lot because they are well behaved dogs. Gymnastics is my favourite sport. I am doing it since 5 years. I have also attended many events for the same. My favourite kind of music is country music.


I have many dislikes too. When I talk about my dislikes I like to talk about the color I hate the most, TV shows that makes me sick, movies that I hate, pets that I hate, foods that I avoid to eat etc. Generally I like all the colors except brown because I find it very dull, dark & nasty.

I never wear anything in brown and I never choose brown color for anything. The TV show which I hate the most is “Flying colors” because according to me this title does not suit the show. This stories they show does not relate to real life situations neither they makes any sense & they even fail to entertain the audiences.

This game is boring as well as stupid. I hate cats because I don’t find them friendly at all. I would never keep cats as pets and would never suggest someone I know. I eat all kinds of vegetarian and non vegetarian food because I am very foodie but I hate peas a lot. I always avoid eating peas because when we eat it it squishes inside the mouth and I hate that feeling.

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