Short Paragraph on My Room (371 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my room:

All of us have our own rooms and I believe that is where we get to be the wildest ever possible.


Every possible nuisance is possible in our room and we make it either messy or untidy or even tidy, when we feel like. In my home, even I have been given a room.

My room is painted in pink colour. I have a small cot for me in one corner of the room, which has pink sheets and pink colour pillows. The drapes are white, which brings in more light to the room. I have a study table, along with a bookshelf attached adjacent to my bed.

The study table is wide enough for me to keep my books spread while studying. The bookshelf is well organized and I keep my book well arranged on this bookshelf. On the other side, I have my cupboard, which is brown in colour and in there is where I keep my dress and accessories.

The cupboard has a mirror in the front, which enables me to look at myself after getting dressed. The bottom of the cupboard has a rack, where I could keep my slippers and shoes. Beneath the bed, there are drawers attached, which makes it easy to store my toys.


This helps my room from being untidy and I need not pick them always, instead could just throw them into it, after playing. I have a cute teddy to accompany me while I sleep at night, which would always be on my bed.

My room also has lovely and cute posters that I collect and stick on the walls. Though my parents don’t like it much, I love them a lot. A good family photo also has been framed and kept. I have a small music system and I play music all the time, as I love music.

When you enter my room, it would be always tidy and neat and would have a soft music playing around. I love my room very much and make it as cozier as I could. My little world, with my surprises, experiments, discoveries, secrets all together is in this room. Welcome to my little world.

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