Short Paragraph on My Room is a Mess (382 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my room is a mess:

Each of us has our own rooms. But how well we maintain the room is a question that we need to ask ourselves. Majority of us do not keep our rooms in a tidy manner, unless there are some surprising guests for us. I am no different in that aspect.


My mom always scolds me for not keeping my room neat and tidy. But I really ask her, why she is so concerned, after all it is my room, so I could keep it the way I like. I just cannot take the effort to keep back the things I take.

I know my books are all scattered, my clothes all thrown throughout the room, my shoes in one corner, papers littering the floor, stationary everywhere, and toys all around, but I don’t see a problem with how the room is. If I can find things from this little mess, then why Mom is all worried and angry, I just don’t understand.

She comes and cleans up everything as soon as I go to school and in the evening when I come, I just cannot make it the way she keeps. So I ask her why she is taking all efforts to get things back, when I prefer the way it is.

I did ask my friends; if they have the same problem and they too said their Mom scolds them for the same reason. Why are all these Moms so much worried about our rooms? Guess they should be looking after their rooms.


We are happy the way it is and have no problems at all. So I guess they should also allow keeping our rooms in the way we like it. I have already posted a poster at the front door of my room which clearly mentions” My Mess and I like it, enter at your own risk”.

So I guess I have made the point clear to anyone stepping in my room, then why is Mom all the time worried and asking me “ what if we have unexpected guests and the rooms are untidy?” I think Mom`s need to relax and understand that, we are kids and we are just the way we are, no matter what.

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