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My name is Vere Fernandiz. I reside in Ongole locality. I am born and brought up in Ongole. I love my city a lot because of its culture & people. Ongole is a municipality & a big town located in Prakasam district.


Prakasam is located in the famous state called Andhra Pradesh (AP) in India.

The administrative headquarters of Prakasam is centered in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Ongole is mainly known for its Ongolu Gitta. Ongolu Gitta is an Ongole breed of oxen.

It is considered as the superior & virile stock. It is also one of the major Zebu cattle breeds all around the globe. The locality of the Prakasam & Ongole is a main centre for Aqua culture & Tobacco production in our country.

The history of my town takes us to the era of the Satavahanas & the Maurayas who are known to rule the state of Andhra Pradesh. Archeologists have found evidences and inscriptions belonging to the Satavahana period in Chinna Ganjam.


Chnna Ganjam is a village located near Ongole. During the time of the Kakatiys dynasty Ongole came into limelight again after the Satavahanas. In Andhra Pradesh the major centres for tobacco production is centered in Ongole.

In the olden times the Ongole’s commerce was initiated by agricultural families. Today also the main source of livelihood for the people residing in the rural areas is through agriculture. At the times of 72’s & 80’s various businesses were set up in small scale manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals, shoes, PVC, paints etc. In 80’s & 90’s the proliferation of educational institutions (mainly secondary schools) and hospitals took place.

Later on in the 90’s granite industries were also set up because of the presence of Black Galaxy granite. Later on stone cutting, polishing & granite mining companies were also set up around Ongole. With the passage of time the city had good colleges & schools. Lately focus was laid on the quality of education by the state government like other metropolitan cities.

Today the city has many renowned private medical & engineering colleges. The real estate prices have hiked tremendously in recent years. In Bhagya Nagar the prices are remarkably high. As far as bulls are concerned, Ongole’s bulls have gone to Malaysia, Philippines, Columbia, West Indies, Holland, America, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Fiji, Indonesia, Mauritius, Paraguay, Indo-China & Australia.

Still I am highly concerned about the major issues that are associated with my city such as lack of drinking water, increment in the head count of oxen breed, availability of water with large fluoride content which is turning as a slow poison for its residents especially small children’s and pregnant ladies. I hope that my village will overcome such issues in short time.

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