Short Paragraph on My Mobile Phone

Here is your short paragraph on my mobile phone:

The advancement of technology has bought many inventions. One such invention is the mobile phone. Gone are those days when mobiles were used just as a medium of communication.


Now day’s mobiles are far more than just a device meant to communicate. It is not wrong to say that mobiles are not only a part of our lives but also a necessity in our daily lives. People from all ages own cell phones these days.

I also own a HTC One 3G cell phone. It was gifted by my father to me last month on my birthday. My mobile phone is my life. It is very useful for school, entertainment as well as communication. I mainly use my phone to communicate with my near and dear ones without a landline connection. I also use it to sent text messages to people I know.

I call my phone my life because whenever I come across any emergencies it allows me to call for help. For example, last month I met an accident. My Activa hit a car and I got my hand fractured. I immediately called up my brother for help.

Fortunately he was in that area & he arrived there at once and took me to the nearby hospital. In case of big emergencies cell phones are very useful. For example we can make a call to 801 services for speedy help in case of fatal accidents.


In the past people did not had cell phones facilities and they had to search for landlines and run to the nearest telephone booth to make calls during emergencies. Being a part of today’s generation I consider myself lucky because I can avail the benefits of technological advancements. I also use my mobile phone to send e-mails, MSN, Yahoo messenger etc.

I can even use social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp etc through my phone instead of a computer. I can also download my favourite games for free on my cell phone with play store.

I can never fell bored when I have my cell phone with whether I waiting for my ride, waiting for doctor’s appointment, or waiting for my lectures. It’s a great source of entertainment for me apart from a communication device.

With internet access I open Google, You Tube & Yahoo through my phone to read articles, watch movies, songs, study related material and videos. I don’t need any iPod, camera or MP3 players when I have my mobile phone with me.

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