Short Paragraph on Oxygen (420 Words)

Here is your short Paragraph on Oxygen !

Oxygen is the 3rd most vital element in the universe next to hydrogen & helium. It comprises of almost 1/4th of earth’s atmosphere, ½ of the mass of earth’s crust, 2/3rd of the mass of human body & 9/10th of the mass of water.


Oxygen can be extracted from liquefied air with the help of process called fractional distillation.

Oxygen can also be produced by heating KClO3 (potassium chlorate) & electrolysis of water. Though oxygen is not the main component of earth’s atmosphere but it plays a major role in supporting various forms of life on earth.

Scientific features of Oxygen:

· Atomic number of oxygen is 8


· Chemical symbol of oxygen is “O”

· Atomic weight of oxygen is 15.9994

· Melting point of oxygen is 54.36 K (-218.79°C or -361.82°F)

· Boiling point of oxygen is 90.20 K (-182.95°C or -297.31°F)

· Density of oxygen is 0.001429 gm per cubic cm

· Phase of oxygen at room temperature is ‘Gas’

· Element classification of oxygen is non metal

· Period number of oxygen is 2 in the periodic table

· Group number of oxygen is 16 in the periodic table

· Oxygen is present in the group name called “Chalcogen” in the periodic table

Oxygen is odorless, tasteless & colorless gas. It is highly reactive in nature & can combine with almost all other elements. Oxygen is used to produce steel. Oxygen is combined with C2 H2 (acetylene) to form an extremely hot flame which is used in welding.

Oxygen in liquid form is combined with liquid hydrogen to produce an excellent rocket fuel. Oxygen is an important component for health & medical treatment. It helps us to treat water, burn fuels & protects us from the harmful ultra violet rays entering the earth surface by forming ozone layer.

Amazing facts about oxygen:

· Under standard pressure conditions and temperature 2 oxygen atoms combine together to form O2 or carbon dioxide.

· Oxygen is present in the water (H20) we drink and air we breathe.

· Three atoms of oxygen combines together to form Ozone (O3). Ozone layer helps to protect us from harmful Ultra Violet rays by filtering Ultra Violet light.

· The mass of the sun is made up of 1% oxygen.

· Oxygen is used for various scientific applications. It is also used to smelt metal from ore.

· Oxygen is its concentrated form leads to fast combustion.

· Oxygen is responsible for yellow green & bright red colors of the aurora.

· Solid and liquid oxygen are pale blue.

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