A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed – By Jenny


‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is an age old saying and still holds a lot of water even today.


This saying has a lot of meaning relevance and is very apt and true. All of us have friends at every stage of life. Some of them stay with you for a lifetime, while some leave you at some point of life.

However, having a good friend in life is a blessing and there is no other best gift than having a good friend.

Why do we Need Friends?

Each one of us needs friends at every point of life. A good friend stands with you at every point of your life and is a great support when you pass through the worst phases of life. You could perhaps tackle a situation or come out of a tricky situation with the help of a great friend. Even though you have parents and teachers who would be as good friends for you, but no matter how close you may be with your parents or teachers, there are situations where you may not be able to open up with them, but you find it much easier to share with a friend.


The impact of a friend is so great that sometimes we do not realize their importance and we take them for granted. A friendship grows only with proper nurturing, caring, loving and acceptance of each other’s flaws and shortcomings. A friend could change you for good or bad and that is one juncture that you need to be careful on.

Friendships may happen at various phases of life like for instance, in a moment when two people meet, their like minded thoughts gets them close together. Sometimes it may take years for a friendship to develop, sometimes months, sometimes seconds, it all depends on how two people see each other and take the relationship forward. However, every person whom you meet does not become you friend and while you pick your friends, choose them carefully and wisely. There are many who are good, but a few who may push you into darkness.

Good friends are like an asset, they would be with you and over the years, the relationship just grows more strong and beautiful, that at one point you may not even have to talk to understand the sea of feelings of the other. Such friends or relationships are rare to find and only a few are blessed. However, if you do have a friend in whom you could confide your feelings without a second thought and know that it would be secure with him or her no matter what may come, you are truly blessed with a great friend.

Good friends are angels sent from above to guide and be with you. No matter what you may have to face in life, with their presence, you can make everything possible.

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