A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing – by Jenny


Learning is actually a wonderful science, however if the learning is not done well and only half knowledge is acquired, then there is nothing as dangerous as it could be.


Either one should be totally ignorant of the matter, or should have an in depth knowledge of the subject, otherwise it may lead to great troubles.

Why is little learning dangerous?

Being literate is by all means the best thing to happen, however, if you are not completely literate of the matter, then you could end up in troubles, either for yourself or for people surrounding you.

Like for instance, if a doctor is not aware in complete of the specialization that he has taken up, then he could neither treat his patients to cure, nor earn a good reputation for himself. He would just know bits and pieces of the ailment and this is nowhere going to help him. Instead if he is very well aware of his subject or specialization, he would very well diagnose the ailment and treat the patient better, thereby curing the disease and at the same time earning good reputation too.


People with good knowledge do not go around boasting or advertising themselves about the knowledge they have or the awareness they have on the particular matter. However, people with half knowledge, is just the opposite. They try to convince people that they know so much and try cheating them, which sooner or later would be bought out.

When you learn, always make it a practice that you learn in depth of the subject that you have taken up to learn. The more you gain knowledge, the more you would be confident and aware of what you should be doing and what not to be done. Having just little knowledge of the subject would help you get nowhere, but instead only to troubles. It is always better to learn a subject from the basics to the advancement levels and keep updating yourself on the subject from time to time, so that you would be very much aware of the latest trends and happenings and updates on your subject, rather than being naïve on it.

The modern age is an wonderful age of specialization and it is our responsibility to be well aware of what we learn so that we could compete ourselves among our peers in a healthy manner and keep ourselves up to the standards of what the demands are, rather than being ignorant and stand out in a group. Well knowledgeable people are always respected, no matter where they are, they just don’t have to go around saying that, on the other hand, ignorant people are least bothered and given no respect, no matter how hard they market themselves.

Therefore, knowledge is power and the more you acquire that power the more you grow and gain respect.

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