A Man Who Can Control His Mind Can Control His Destiny – By Jenny


Most of the time, we tend to blame for our failure on destiny.


When things do not turn up our way or happen as we expect to, we often blame it on our destiny.

It is also vice-versa in the sense that some people often attribute others’ success on their destiny rather than appreciating their hard work involved in their achievements. In short, we equate our actions with destiny.

We often feel that our life is controlled by the supreme force called “Destiny” and not by our actions. However, what one should realize is that, it is the mind, the thought of a man which put into action that determines the destiny of the man. A strong-willed mind could take you to horizons you would have not fathomed. That is why it is often said “It is all in the mind”!!!

How is mind related to destiny?


Our destiny solely depends on our actions. Actions are the outcome of our thoughts and thoughts are manifestation of our mind. One just cannot fold his arms, sit back and say, anything that happens in my life is purely destiny. It is how we think and how we perceive things that has a direct bearing on our life.

For example, if a person with a determined attitude and a strong will focuses on what he or she wants or desires to achieve, then it is the entire decision making procedure as well as the execution of the decision that would decide his fate which ultimately would be his destiny. If things work out for better or if they work out for worse, it all depends on how we think and react to things that happen in our life and hence we are purely dependent or the cause for our own destinies.

It is the art of thinking and acting that determines one’s destiny. It is our mind that is instrumental for how we act and it is our action that is instrumental for how we are positioned in our life. Therefore, a man who can control his mind can definitely control his actions and can ultimately have control over any situation in life he is confronted with, which penultimately determine his destiny.

The thought of man could be changed based on past life incidents and observations. The more you observe and learn, the better your thoughts would be and this would help you to think and act in a better way. Successful people have spent so much time thinking on what and how they should do and it is their thought process that have helped then to achieve greater things in life and have been thereby instrumental in changing their destiny.

A strong and powerful mind could make wonders in life. It is the will power of man and control over his mind which helps him to accomplish many achievements in his life. It is the attitude of “it was destined to be” that spells doom because we stop in our endeavours to constantly strive and achieve success as we always make an excuse of blaming our failures on destiny.

So we should change our thoughts and attitude and keep striving with constantly making efforts and endeavour in pursuit of our success which would determine our destiny. If we can change our mind then we can definitely change our destiny. It is in our hand.

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