An Unforgettable experience of a Rainy Night – By Jenny

Rainy nights are always a nightmare to almost anyone as it is very difficult to move around and would be very dark too, unlike moonlit nights.

I guess most of us would definitely have some bad or unforgettable experience of a rainy night that none of us would ever forget. We too similarly have one.


It was in the month of August when the rainy season was almost coming to an end in India.

We were travelling back from our hometown to our apartment and it was almost late evening when we started our travel. It was a pleasant climate when we started our travel and almost half the journey was fine. Then suddenly we saw dark clouds gathering in the sky and the atmosphere was all ready for a heavy downpour. Unexpectedly, the rains just started pouring in and it was a very heavy rainfall. Now we were tensed as the climate became bad with strong winds and heavy downpour. It was totally unsafe to park the car on the roadside, as nothing was visible because of the strong downpour.

While we were making very slow and steady move, we suddenly heard a sound and the car was losing balance. We somehow managed to get the car to the side of the road fortunately. While checking on what might have happened, we realized that our car tyre had got punctured and it was very dark outside. We were held up, neither could we get out because of the heavy rains, nor could we check or change the tyres. We had to be in the car for almost an hour, till the rain started getting low and gentle.

By around 1.00 am, the rains had come to a stop and we somehow managed to get out of the car. It was a hard time to change the flat tyres and then we could proceed with our journey. By the time we got home, it was almost 3.30 am and we were all very thankful that we could reach home safely, in-spite of all the hurdles we had to face during the journey. This would always remain as an unforgettable experience of a rainy night.

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