Bad Consequences of War | Paragraph

Bad Consequences of War!

War consequences can never be good. Loss of lives on a battlefield is just the beginning. War consequences are actually far worse than the eye meets.


The agriculture, industry, the economy, the education system, lives of common people and even the environment in which we live suffer the aftermath.

It’s a loss of lots of money employed in building troops and weapons. War makes millions of children homeless.

The consequences of war were never good for a country and never will. A country not only loses its human power, talents, its national properties, but also goes into a debt, which take it almost a decade to regain. Biological, chemical and nuclear weapons used during a War impact the health of the nationals devastatingly. History is the proof of that. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by hydrogen bombs. Thousands of people were killed. Chemicals used in the bombs were strong enough to poison the air, water and soil. Pregnant ladies, men and women, who survived the initial impact of the explosion, suffered miscarriages, gave birth to abnormal babies or children with defective body limbs for generations.

The whole economy suffers a severe turmoil. Government alters tax structures to fund the war expenditure. And as we know, the common people have to bear the burden. The increase in the tax structure lowers money movement as people reduce spendings. The amount of money a country has to spend to fund a war can be used for better education for the young, building a more efficient transportation system, generating employment for the citizens and improving the overall productivity of the whole economy. War is a pure impediment that restricts a country’s growth. As per standard economic models, too much deployment of money in the defence means slowing growth prospects, losing jobs and reducing efficiency.


People don’t want war. The hungry, power chasing political leaders fuel the annihilation. They don’t care about mass destruction, or regret the consequences as it’s not part of their strategic movement and personal loss.

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