Conservation of Biodiversity (212 Words)

Conservation of Biodiversity!

Biodiversity conservation is gaining ground precisely because the issue is so vast that it can encompass the interest of so many countries.


Four major steps have been taken to shape an international response to the loss of biodiversity, to support the actions already underway at local, regional and national levels.

Global Environment Facility (GEF), World Bank, United Nations Develop­ment Programme, United Nations Environment Programme established the Global Environment Facility in 1900 on a three-year pilot basis. The GEF is expected to commit $400 million to conserve biodiversity.

International Biodiversity Strategy Programme, World Resources Institute, World Conservation Union, UNEP and more than 40 governmental and non-governmental organizations outlined the programmes to stop the loss of biodiversity and mobilize its benefits to human needs sustainably and equitably.

Convention on Biological Diversity, under the auspices of UNEP, more than 100 nations met during Earth Summit at Brazil to establish a legal frame­work government international financial support for biodiversity conserva­tion, the identification of international conservation priorities and technol­ogy transfer for conservation and use of biodiversity.


Agenda 21, Developed through a series of inter-governmental preparatory meetings – with input from a variety of non-governmental processes includ­ing the Biodiversity Strategy Programme—AGENDA 21 provides a plan of action on a number of issues including biodiversity.

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