Effect of Computers on Our Everyday Lives – by Anand


Computers are a boon of the modern era. They have helped people in making things more convenient, achievable and effective.

Computers touched every aspect of the lives of the people. People started depending more on it and the need for manual labour started decreasing. Information technology is so intricately linked with the lives of the people that in its absence, the world will descend into chaos and tension.

Life And Computers:


In the past, people had minimal needs and mostly did manual labour, People were satisfied as they bore fruits of their own labour. With the coming up of computers, people became lazy and wanted things to happen as quickly as possible. Information technology gave a solution to that problem. People started inculcating information technology and computers into every aspect of their lives.

Impact of Computers:

Computers assist in the working of all sectors of our society, be it education, health, industries, etc. It has single-handedly made life easier for the people on earth. In school, computers have helped in making classrooms more efficient and student-friendly. Computers are used by people of all ages, starting from small kids to elderly people. School going children use it to look up their homework or project related work and also to play online games.

People in their late teenage use it for downloading music, movies, operating social networking sites etc. The working class usually resorts to the help of information technology for multifarious reasons like checking the financial market, comparing restaurants, product-searching, movie tickets, booking seats at plays, musicals, restaurants, etc. There are also additional features which computers offers us like Maps which helps you locate your position and calculate distances between places, Scholar which is very useful for research assistance, online books to read etc.

Life without Computers:

Life without computers is unimaginable today. More than half of the things in the world today are run with the help of information technology and computers. The industrial sectors, the electronic sector, the health sector, the education sector, the financial sector, all use the help of computers. With the absence of computers and information technology, every sector would collapse and life on earth would become difficult. People who depend on computers would become helpless in its absence. Information technology which has helped the police to apprehend criminals would make it easier for the criminals to go scot free.



Life without computers is unimaginable today. It has indeed made our lives better and far more convenient. But however, man’s need for computers has started becoming overwhelming. A computer, which was created by man, has started taming its own master. Computers are virtually becoming the master of its creator. Though computers and information technology has made a lot of positive developments in the life of man, yet it has an equally negative side to it.

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