Football Match between Your School and Another School – by Anand


A football match between two schools is always exciting. Last year on the eve of Sports week, our school had a football match with another school in the neighbourhood.


There always existed a rivalry between both the schools and on a previous occasion, we had defeated them in a game of cricket. Owing to the loss in cricket match, they had challenged us for a game of football. We readily accepted the challenge. The match was supposed to decide the better school in terms of sports.

Preparations for the Match:

A week before the day of the match, our school started the preparations for the same as we were hosting it. The ground was cleaned by the school staff and big tents were set up for the spectators. A caterer was arranged for the meals to be supplied on that day. Our school team started preparing for the same match. We trained two times a day each day for a week. My friends and I were pretty confident of performing well that day.

The Day of the Match:


Finally, the day arrived when the football match was scheduled. The team from the other school arrived in their school bus along with a couple of their faulty and other students to cheer for them. They looked very well prepared as they had been preparing long before us. After the spectators from both the schools were seated, the toss took place.

Then, at the sound of the refereeā€™s whistle, the match started. As we had expected, their team started attacking us with an aggressive forward line up. We had the best defenders and managed to survive their assault. However, they managed to score a goal in the first half which put us in the back seat of the game.

The Match Gets More Exciting:

As the match progressed, both the teams started putting up their best show. We attacked and they attacked as well. In the spectators stand, snacks were being served to the students. The crowds from both the schools started cheering loudly for the teams. In the second half, as we found their defense going weak, we seized the opportunity and scored a goal. The spectators from our college started cheering loudly.

End of the Match:

The match was drawn after the end of the second half. The other school had to settle with a draw and we were content with the results. There was a post-match lunch for all the players and spectators. Thereafter, the prize distribution ceremony followed. Both the teams jointly held the title of the match and we clicked photos with each other. The rivalry between the two teams turned into great friendship afterwards.


Thus, the football match between our school and the other school was a great success and it was absolute fun to be a part of the playing team. We all returned home with happy faces and new friends. I yearn for another such match between the two schools.

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