Here is your Paragraph on Time

Time and tide waits for none. Time just ticks away and nobody could either rewind it or stop it.

Time would just keep passing, irrespective of whether you happen to do your assignments or not. Time once wasted is lost and could never be bought back and hence one needs to think, before wasting time unnecessarily.


The effective usage of time comes with proper time management. If time is managed well, then one would never feel the loss of wasting time unnecessarily. To make the best out of time, one needs to effectively manage the work that they do, so that they could make the maximum productive usage of time. The success of life itself is basically making use of time, to its best.

Though time appears to be freely available, it is truly priceless. If time is not effectively used in the right manner, then what is done would be considered as a waste. Time cannot be owned, but could be used rightly, time cannot be bought or kept with someone, but could be spend thoughtfully. Time once spend is spend and never could be regained.

In order to spent time effectively, one has to plan properly and ahead. If things are planned properly, time could be saved and matters carried out more effectively. Time is money and so every minute that you save and make it worthwhile, would only make you to save more and make you secure. Make the maximum usage of time and reap the maximum benefits of time.

One must understand the value of time and out into maximum benefits rather than simply wasting time and making no use of time. A stitch in time saves nine.

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