How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown during Exams – by Anand


Students usually prepare for their exams in the last moment when they usually have weeks for preparation in their hands. At times, they even know the schedule for exams from a month ago, but, they don’t bother until the last day before an exam.


During such times, the students believe that their only solution is to cram. However, cramming has many bad effects like bad result, exhaustion, anxiety, knowledge overload as well as nervous breakdown during exams.

Why Do Students Have Nervous Breakdown During Exams?

Students have nervous breakdown in exams for a variety of reasons. The foremost reason is cramming. Some students find it difficult to regularly sit for studies. They tend to either get distracted or they have other interests. And hence they prepare in the last moment for which they panic and have a nervous breakdown.

Another reason for nervous breakdown is that students like to feel that if they brush up the key points of a subject before an exam then it will stay in their heads for a couple hours or a night. Unfortunately, our brains do not work that way. A brain filled to the brim with knowledge will seep out the knowledge instead of retaining it. Students also cram because it pushes them to work hard and give them extra time to go and hang out with friends on weekends.


Evils of Nervous Breakdown:

Nervous breakdown can lead to reading fatigue in the students’ moments before the exam. Students who frequently suffer from nervous breakdown remain low on confidence and capability. Students don’t realize that if they put in some extra efforts, a difference can be made. It is very difficult to retain such a huge amount of information in a shorter period of time. One has to become regular. What they have to realize is that there can be a difference if they put in those extra efforts. Nervous breakdown also leads to sleep deprivation in students which keeps them exhausted and tired.

Need For a Reform in Educational System:

The present educational systems facilitate cramming and eventually, a nervous breakdown. The syllabus and class hours are scheduled in such a way that students get a lot of time before they begin preparation for their subjects. The education system should be such that there should be weekly tests and surprise tests so that the students study in apprehension of the same. Homework must be regularly checked and teacher should involve every student during the class lectures. Teachers need to make the lectures interesting so that students develop interest for the subject.


It has been proven that nervous breakdown not only affects a student’s grades but also their physical and mental health. Practicing regularly and taking things one at a time is the best way to learn something. Doing everything in the last minute leads to blunders. Those who wait begin to feel overwhelmed and they panic over their workload. One mustn’t have to feel that kind of pressure because it definitely is overpowering. We have to somewhere and nothing is better than starting it beforehand and completing it in time.

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