If I were the Headmaster on my School – by Shanu

The headmaster of my school is a nice man but I sometimes wonder how he can survive the long school hours without a friend of his age.

I love my school because of my friends. Even the teachers who teach us various subjects tends to be friends with each other, but the headmaster to me seems to be a lonely old man.


This is because everyone tends to respect him considering his age and designations. If I were the headmaster on my school, firstly I could never survive the treacherous school hours without a friend. I would have probably appointed more teachers of my age or rather open a post for another headmaster and would have appointed a person whom I could probably consider as a friend.

Friendship with students is a very important aspect every headmaster should follow. If I were the headmaster on my school I could never have stand the mere thought that all the students of my school hate me or fear me. I would have maintained a jovial friendship with each of my students. I would never scold my students for anything and soon emerge as their favourite. I would also maintain a cordial and friendly relationship with each teacher of my school. I would also make sure that my school provides proper and healthy education to my students but I would never force them to write unnecessary examinations and assignments. I would never pressurize them regarding irrelevant matters and would always make sure that my students enjoy their school life to the fullest.

I understand that it is the school life that students cherish the most and try to recall in their adulthood. Therefore I would make sure that their lives never become miserable at school if I were the headmaster on my school. I would also allow them sufficient hours of play as all work and no play is equally bad as all play and no work. I would also allow them ample of time to complete their homework so that they never miss the happy times they would like to spend with their friends and families. In other words I would be the most loved, popular and the favourite headmaster.

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