Importance of Newspapers and Magazines – by Anand


It is the natural instinct of people to know whatever is happening around them. No person wishes to live in ignorance.


With the development of the society, the means of communication also started developing. Amongst the primary means of communication, newspapers and magazines started becoming an integral part of our lives. We cannot seem to imagine life without them.

Part of the Day in the Lives of the People:

The newspapers and magazines act as a good start to the days of the people. Newspapers usually serve as our mental breakfast and not knowing the headlines of the day makes people uneasy. Magazines on the other hand, give us a broader and a more detailed perspective on different things happening around us. Magazines also have pictorial accounts of the events that have occurred in the previous week or month.

Importance of Magazines and Newspapers:


a) Awareness and Development of Knowledge:

The foremost importance of newspapers and magazines is that they provide us with a variety of news on all subjects every day. We remained informed of the political scenario of the world and the country by reading newspapers and magazines. The second benefit which we enjoy from these is the development of our knowledge. One can find critical and contemporary analysis of different events of the social, cultural or political sphere in these newspapers and magazines. Reading such articles definitely helps in the enrichment of the mind.

b) Looking Up Different Things and Keeping Us Protected:

Another benefit arising out of them is that they help us in finding jobs, vacancies, missing people, condolences for the death of someone etc. the newspapers and magazines related to police services, help us take precautionary measures against the evils of murder, theft, robbery, rape etc. People also read newspapers and magazines to broaden their English vocabulary and writing skills.

c) Fulfilling the Needs of Every Type of Reader:

Newspapers and magazines have immense educative and social value. The needs of different people are catered to by the newspapers and magazines. The market trends are looked up by a business man, the weather report is looked up by a farmer or agriculturist, a new release of book is looked up by an avid book reader. Thus, newspapers cater to each and everyone’s needs.

d) Political Awareness and Influence:

The newspapers and magazines enjoy immense power in a democracy. They act as a close connection between the people and the government. The public opinion is heavily influenced by the newspaper. The influence which they have over the people can help in overthrowing a government as well. Thus, the editors of a newspaper play a major role in the society. Creating large scale public awareness is another aspect of newspapers and magazines in a democratic country.


The newspapers and magazines are the necessity of the present times. The government should not impose any unreasonable restrictions on them as they are the unseen advisors of the people of the country.

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