Importance of Plants in Our Life – by Rajan

Importance of plants in our life undertakes many points. When we look at the largest pharmacy on earth we realize that all of us are investors in the nature.

All living beings are greatly dependant on the plants.



Plants are the actual source of chemical compounds. They constantly generate large amount of chemical compounds to cope with several tests and threats in the nature. These chemical compounds turn them to be impermeable to certain climatic circumstances, bacteria, microorganisms, insects, viruses etc.

Plants and our life:

Plants are useful to rebalance or improve the healthiness of our own mind, body, and soul. To achieve this, we humans are continuously strapping up the self therapeutic ability of plants.

The world of plants is completely different and it evolves a field of information which is inspiring the education field for many decades. Plants have inspired our lives to learn many things in this nature.

Plants play the significant role in managing the life cycle in this nature. For example, green plants, they contain vast amounts of chlorophyll. They produce their own food. In this process they throw off oxygen in the nature. This process is known as photosynthesis. During this process, plants make use of carbon dioxide and water. This process hugely affects the life cycle in the nature.


They are the vital source of metabolic energy and food. Unlike plants, we cannot produce our own food. The foodstuff includes crops, fruits, grains, vegetables etc. They are also the source of various manufacturing products such as fibers, oils, resins, latex, drugs, medicines, wood products etc. Fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal are actually originated from the plants. The raw material of plants is used in producing paper sheets, slates etc.

Importance of plants:

Plants are accommodating to our lives in many ways. Let’s take a deep look at the importance of plants in our life.

Food: We are completely dependent on the plants because we cannot produce our food. Although we can cook non-vegetarian food such as fish, meat, chicken etc. but there are no options without plants when it comes to vegetables. According to research, there are be more than 7,000 diverse plant genus available that can be used as a source of food.

Medicines: Plants are used in the production of drugs and medicines. Almost 75% drugs are derived from the plants. There are many plants listed in Ayurveda which can be used as remedy over many incurable diseases.

Water: The water cycle in nature is heavily dependent on plants. They aid in purifying and distributing the water in nature. Plants influence the two processes called water vaporization and transpiration. Raining is an outcome of these two processes.

Habitat and climate: Plants maintain the habitat in nature. For example, all aquatic, terrestrial, and amphibious living beings are dependent on the plants. They also maintain the climate by storing vast amount of carbon dioxide available in nature.


Man has disturbed the life cycle in nature. Plants control the air pollution. In fact, they provide fresh air to us for breathing, through the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, we must take good care of plants and protect them from being slashed.

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