Keep Good Relation with Roommate- by Anand


My best friend at college is a boy named Farhan who is also my roommate in hostel. He joined college in-between the semesters.


Initially, he was very shy and quiet. But as time went by, our friendship blossomed and we turned out to be the best of friends. Friendship with a roommate is one of the best experiences in college life. It can be fun, entertaining and emotional. It is very necessary to keep a good relationship with your roommate who can help you back during your time of need.

A New Pea in the Pod:

Last summer, a new student joined our hostel and since we had twin sharing rooms, he was allotted to share room with me. As we heard, he had to leave his previous college because of some pressing family problems. Since he joined in the middle of the term, he was always very nervous and reticent. He always used to sit alone in the class and never did he talk to anyone else. His behavior worried a lot of teachers.

Kindling of a Good Relationship:


Once when I was returning back to the class after the lunch break, I saw a couple of my classmates pushing my new roommate around. He was helplessly trying to evade but then had him cornered around a tree in our playground. I immediately rushed to help him out. I strictly told my classmates not to bother him ever again else they would have to visit the dean’s office.

He thanked me and introduced himself for the first time. I told him to spend time with me during college hours so that I could help him out with the lectures he missed. He seemed very happy about my proposal. It was for the first time I felt that he was not the same sad and lonely person who I used to see in class every day.

Strengthening of the Bond:

Ever since that day, we used to sit together in the class. We had great fun in the hostel. Being roommates, we did almost everything together like studying, watching movies, going downstairs for food. I sometimes woke him up in the morning and he sometimes returned the favor. We gradually started enjoying each other’s company and started sharing the happenings of our personal lives as well. He came over to my house during evenings and I helped him out with the topics which were covered in his absence. I saw how he opened up to others like he never did before. We were always seen together in the hostel. It was the beginning of a great friendship which I was sure would be long-lasting.


We both turned out to be best friends and even better roommates. I realized that is important to keep a good relationship with your roommate as he is the only person who will be of any help to you when you need it the most. Friendship with a roommate is certainly one of the best memories one can have. My relationship with my roommate taught me a number of different things like the value of helping others, sacrifice, honesty etc. It was not only a relationship but also a blessing for me.

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