Life without Newspapers – by Rajan Karle


Life without newspapers is very hard to imagine. The news paper has its place in history.

Newspapers have become an integral part of our daily life. They connection us to the outside world. They are one of the support systems that bind our society together.

Newspaper-Less Life:


To live a newspaper less life is like to live in a house isolated from the world. Our mornings begin with the usual morning tea and news paper in hand.

Importance of Newspapers:

The importance of newspapers is very high to ignore. Newspapers are our own personal connections to various parts of the world. We are kept informed about any local events or incidents that have taken place. National and international events also occupy front page.

The various policies, decisions and appointments of the government are discussed and debated in assemblies and parliament is reported in newspapers. One must go through the editorial page. Students appearing in competitive examinations are immensely benefitted by news papers. . An important part of our daily entertainment is sports.

Newspapers allow us to keep ourselves abreast with the latest results, upcoming fixtures or even live events of any sports, be it cricket, football, tennis or even golf. Other than all these news stories, newspapers also run opinion pieces where eminent persons and experts give their opinion on various events and incidents which helps in shaping our understanding of the society and its governance. The print media has established a rewarding relationship with its reader.


The paper performs multifarious function and remarkable reach. And power of exerting immense influence on our impulses and judgment. The news paper makes people aware of their rights and duties. The news paper acts as abridge between the people and the Government and conducts itself as watch dog. The news paper is the strongest pillar of the democracy. Newspaper is too valuable to be allowed to disappear.


After the above discussions we realize that a life without newspapers is a very isolated life indeed. In the world of today, where everybody and everything is connected, the importance of newspapers has increased. Therefore no one should live a life without newspapers if they want to be a part of this world.

Hence life without newspaper cannot be thought of and not desirable.

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