Literature is the Mirror of Society – by Jenny


Literature is a true reflection of the society that you live in and it has been widely acknowledged.


Literature basically reflects the bad and good of the particular society and thus helps the people of the society to recognize what they are going through and hoe they could rectify the activities that are misplaced or not in order.

Why is Literature so important?

Since literature reflects or is the mirror of the society, it has a very important place right from the history. It is basically a reflection of human action in that particular society and therefore, one would be able to clearly understand one’s own weakness and strengths. Every action is captured in literature. Actions like, what people think, say, act and so on.

Great writes have given wonderful literature to read and they have presented every character of their writing with so much perfection that the reader would feel the presence of drama, romance, betrayal, humor and almost all other feelings that we go through in life or see around us. Stories or acts are carefully and beautifully crafted based on life’s of people surrounding us, and it is then just edited here and there without taking of the actual concept or reflection of the story.


If literature is the true reflection of a society, it does very well influence the younger generations and it would help the younger ones to realize where and how their forefather went wrong and how they could rectify it and forward. A way, in which society could guide their younger generations for tomorrow is what literature does. Literature has helped in shaping civilizations and changing political systems.

However, there are certain drawbacks too. Since literature reflects the society, it also depends on the writer what he or she portrays. Since writing has great impact, there have been situations where the writers have even portrayed very badly the society thereby leaving a negative impact on the readers of their work. That should not be the motive or agenda. One should try bringing out the actual myths and facts in its original form, rather than bending it as per the writer’s choice.


We need to realize that Literature is definitely the mode of communication of bringing the past and present for the future to understand the flaws that has happened and to rectify it accordingly. In the era of fast gadgets like television and internet, reading has become at snail pace. However, there is nothing as good as the knowledge and information that you acquire through reading and hence we need to read literatures of various places to deeply understand what and how the people of that place are.

Develop the habit of reading in young children and help them get to read literature work, as they are the future and they needs to make sure to go ahead, taking corrective measures at places where their fore fathers failed.

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