Moving Into a New Neighbourhood – by Anand


Moving into a new neighborhood is always a different and new experience.


We move into a new house with new neighbours. It might so happen that we need to change our school and make new friends. It is a new experience. When my father got transferred last year, we had to move into a new neighbourhood.

New House:

Our new house was a Government employee’s quarter where I lived with my parents, grandparents and my little brother. There was a lawn besides the verandah of our house where my brother and I played all day. There was a banyan tree in our backyard and an old lady who used to reside in a small house behind ours. She always used to sit on a rocking chair in the verandah of her house in the evening. At the same time, the neighbourhood ice-cream van used to pass by honking loudly. The market was also close-by where my grandpa used to take me for an evening stroll.

New Market in the Neighbourhood:


The market of my new home town is one of the famous attractions of this place. The market remains open from morning 9 AM to evening 9 PM all days of the week. In the morning hours it is fairly less crowded but as the sun descends gradually, the crowd increases manifold. The market has almost every shop the people require. Some of the shops are those of groceries, stationery, fruits and vegetables, garments, plastics, utensils, fast food etc. I visit the market on almost every alternate day with my father to get the necessary items for the house.

New School:

My description of my new neighbourhood would be incomplete without describing my new school. I still remember the first day at school when I was scared when I looked at other children. Our teacher was very affectionate and had gracefully introduced me to the rest of the class. Gradually, school started becoming more fun. I used to responsibly make notes in the class and then used to have plenty of fun with my friends during the lunch breaks. The school library was my most favourite place. We played football almost every afternoon and returned home with mud-stained pants.

New Environment:

Moving into a new neighbourhood was fun. I made new friends in the colony and our neighbours were also very friendly. There was a small park nearby where one could go in the afternoon to relax. The new neighbourhood was not as bad as I thought it would be. Gradually as time passed by, we started attending the functions in the colony and developing stronger bonds between neighbours.


Thus, moving into a new neighbourhood was an interesting and exciting event for me as well as my family. We experienced no sort of hardships or difficulties in the process. It was a fun experience.

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