My Ideal Friend – by Shanu

For years, Rohit has been my ideal friend. We have known each other since childhood. Also, our parents know one another.

We study in the same school and in the same class. Whenever I need him, he is always there for me.


Once, I hurt myself while playing football in the school ground. He was the first person to reach me and bandage my bleeding knee. Also, he dropped me home on his bicycle as I was not in the position to ride my own. Since then, he has been a frequent visitor to my family, and all my family members love him as my ideal friend.

Truly speaking, he is quite a brilliant student. His scores in the examination have always better than mine. He often encourages me to do well in my examinations. He helps me a lot with my mathematical sums. Sometimes, I feel bored and tired while trying to understand the mathematical formulae, but with his friendly love and concern, he always encourages me to learn the different subjects. He is not a very good football player, and yet, as my ideal friend, he always loves to be on the ground to support me.

Being the son of a vegetable vendor, he could not afford to buy a mobile phone. I insisted to take the extra mobile phone that I had in my drawer. But he refused. Even my friends insisted to have that mobile phone as it was of no use to us. And yet, he did not receive. Finally, on his last birthday, my dad gifted him a mobile phone. And since then, he has been using the mobile phone. Though, I have a mobile phone since long back, I came to know its academic features, only when my ideal friend, Rohit taught me how to use it.

Certainly, our family backgrounds are different. At the same time, we also come from different social and religious backgrounds. But, that does not create any hindrance to move ahead with our friendship. Respecting our friendship, even our family members have now almost become friends as they have already started visiting one another’s family during festive moments. Time and again, I thank God for giving me my ideal friend as a precious gift.

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