Paragraph on A Book that has Changed My Life – by Shanu

I recently read a book by Dan Millman and it was a book that has changed my life.

The book was titled- ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’. The first thing about this book that drew my attention was the two opposites in its name.


My initial thought was how could a warrior be not angry let alone peaceful but when I read the book I found that it is one life changing book and now I believe everyone should read it. It also has two sequels- ‘Second Journey of Peaceful Warrior’ and ‘The Journeys of Socrates’.

About the Book:

This book is based on the true story of the author Dan Millman. It is quite an inspiring story with many good messages about life. The story tells about a young Dan who is a college student and a top gymnast of his college. Though Dan believes that he is happy in his life as he has all that he can ask for in his life yet he feels that somehow he is missing on something in his life.

All of this changes when one night he goes out for a walk and meets an old man in a service station. This old man whom he calls ‘Socrates’ begins mentoring Dan who transforms himself into a true peaceful warrior with the help of various lessons from Socrates.

Quotes I Liked in the Book:

The story really moves you. It motivates you to give your full energy in every wok that you do in life. Though the whole book was just best, still there are some quotes that I found to quite appealing.


These are:

1. Knowledge knows – wisdom is doing.

2. It is the journey not the destination (that brings happiness).


This book is very different from all other inspirational books that I have read. I liked this book because it gives you some practical answers to all your problems in life. And the best thing is that these can be applied in real life. Maybe this is exactly why it has become a book that has changed my life.

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