Paragraph on A Daring Rescue Operation – by Jenny


When, man can be in danger is never predictable and hence rescue can come to aid in any form or time.

Sometimes, the risks may be small, but at other times it may be large and severe. In some cases a team of experts may be required to save a life and in such situations an operation itself would be required to save the life.


A daring rescue operation is one where lots of risks are involved, and where one takes the extreme risk to save the life that is in danger.

A very daring rescue operation:

Recently, I happened to be a part of a rescue operation that was truly a daring one. A few kids were playing at the park and their parents were also there, sitting aside and enjoying the evening. Everything was just fine and normal, until suddenly a small kid falls into a hole that was dug for a bore well. It was quite deep and the kid just went through it. It was a moment of shock to see the kid slip into that hole!!! Somehow, the kid got trapped at almost half length on a tree root and that was something really lucky. Parents of the kid got panicked and were running around for help. We all at the park gathered and tried to rescue the kid, but became aware that we could not make it.

The fire force and ambulance and all other means were called up for help and the team worked out several plans to help the child. As time was ticking by, things got worst and nobody had a clue as to how to save the kid. It was getting dark and the rains started too, which made it a lot worse. The kid was falling to sleep, which again added more danger to the situation.

The fire operators worked out a plan to dig a hole, simultaneously near to the pit, so that they could create a link between the two and then get the kid out. Digging the hole was the next tedious task and the whole lot of people who gathered in there gave a helping hand in this task. With great effort, a hole was dug and somehow, the fire fighters made a pass way among the two holes and very slowly, yet keeping in mind the high risk factors, one of the fire fighters went in, and as an answer to all our prayers, the kid was bought out alive !!!


The kid was rushed to the nearby hospital immediately for medical aid along with its parents. To be a part of such an operation was nerve wrecking, but at the end we were all glad to get the kid out safely.

Next day, we all enquired about the ill child and were happy to know that the child was safe in all means and ready to run around with all his energy.


The rescue operation was truly a daring one, and if the fire-fighters never came up with an alternative and daring plan, the life of the child would have been in danger

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