Paragraph on a Failure You Experienced- by Anand


The biggest failure I experienced was when my efforts to make my brother quit smoking went in vain and he succumbed to his habit.

I have constantly endeavoured to make him a better person.


I sacrificed my time and energy in the pursuit to put him in the right path and not let him wander away into dangerous waters.

Chain Smoking:

My brother picked up the habit of smoking right after his high school. From wanting to have a first-time experience with a cigarette, he started developing a minor addiction towards it. In the company of friends who smoke, he started smoking regularly and became heavily addicted to smoking. He used to secretly smoke in the house so that our parents wouldn’t find out. There were days when he used to smoke up a full packet of cigarette.

Loss of My Brother:

My brother became a chain smoker and had started developing lung problems because of the heavy smoking. He never could quit smoking. Since he faced a lot of health problems, he started understanding the harsh impacts of smoking. He knew that I was aware of his smoking. Since he was very close to me and loved me, I took the initiative of asking him to quit smoking. He never listened to me. I used to hide the packet of cigarettes or throw them in the bin.

I even got him nicotine tablets so that he stopped smoking. I made it my objective to make him quit smoking. However, on one particular day he complained of severe chest pains and nausea so we rushed him to the nearby hospital. His conditioned worsened in the hospital and the next day, he was pronounced dead. We were in great shock and the whole episode seemed unbelievable.

Coming Out of the Failure:


I realized that I had failed in my efforts to make my own brother quit smoking. I missed my brother a lot and was frequently reminded of how he fell prey to smoking. He had wasted his body too much before the doctors could do anything. I decided to start an awareness campaign to quit smoking. I advised people to remember how badly cigarette affects our body. I quit the company of friends who used to smoke everyday and influence me to smoke as well.

I went from place to place conducting seminars and workshops showing the ill-effects of smoking to people. Though my parents were distraught after the death of my brother, they were happy with my campaign. I and my parents still miss my brother. I still wish that I tried harder to make him quit smoking and succeeded.


The failure of my efforts to save my brother changed my life completely. I have come out of the failure and helping people with the same habit nowadays. I don’t wish anymore lives be lost to this dreadful habit. Though my brother is no more with me, I still remember him today. He was the closest person to me.

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