Paragraph on A Gift I kept as Treasure – by Jenny


We all love to receive gifts as gifts are a token of love. There could be various reasons and occasions for receiving gifts.

Sometime it could be for a celebration like a birthday or anniversary, in other cases for an achievement and sometimes it could be just for a surprise or otherwise like just for the sake of love. No matter what the occasions is, a gift is a gift and is valued and cherished. There are definitely some gifts that we treasure for a lifetime as it is so near and dear to us.

My Treasure Gift:


Like I said before, each one of us do have a treasured gift, be it big or small and my treasured gift is a small 5 Rupee Note!!! Now why is that so precious and treasured? …During my school days, unlike the kids of today, we were not given money to carry under any circumstances. So even if you wanted some pocket money, you never had a chance, at least for me. If for any reason cash was asked in school, my dad was very much aware of the amount given and what would be the balance and hence no bluffing…

At that time, for taking tuitions, we used to go to one of our sir’s who was also our teacher in school. He was a friendly and nice person and also taught us very well. I had started taking his tuitions for long and hence we knew each other so well. ‘Vishu’ being an auspicious festival of the Hindus, and is celebrated in Kerala in a great manner, there is a system where the elderly person in the family give ‘Vishu kayineetam’ to the younger people of the house, and that is basically little money.

Being a Christian we, never had the system, though we enjoyed it. One year during the festival, it so happened that we had the classes prior to Vishu and at the end of the class, all students were given a 5 rupee note by our sir as Vishu Kayineetam!!! We were all surprised and at the same time happy.

I ran home and showed it to my parents and said, this is going to me mine!!! The first kayineetam that I got and I would keep it safely. My parents agreed to it and gave it to me. I was so happy and excited. I kept the money safely, even without folding it, as it was a very new note, with me.


Though years have passed by and I have stood on my feet by earning a steady income, I still have the 5 rupee note in its original condition. That note is just priceless and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. It truly is a priceless treasure for me and I will cherish it all through my life.

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