Paragraph on a Holiday Trip – by Silki Guha

A holiday trip, if unplanned, how that can turn out to be? Well, for me, it was never so bad. Neither me nor my friends were so great at planning a holiday trip.

Whenever we used to plan something, it used to get messed up due to some unexpected and unavoidable circumstances.


And that used to be really disappointing. After facing the same kind of problem for quite a lot of time, we thought that an unplanned holiday trip made sense. It worked. Our holiday trip to Manali was special and absolutely fun.

We were sitting and enjoying with friends on a Friday as usual. All of a sudden, we felt for a change and planned for a three day trip to Manali. It got planned so quickly that none of us really got a chance to think about right or wrong. We all got our backpacks and couple of warm clothes, or whatever were readily available with us. So we started our journey with a road map in hand. This was my first unplanned holiday trip with my family and friends. However, it was nothing new for my husband and friends. So I was the only person to be a little anxious about the whole matter.

Our road trip was peaceful as we took our personal car and decided to drive ourselves. I relyed on the instinct on my husband. He was an excellent driver after all. All went well only till the point when we found we have lost our way after Chandigarh. After a while, we understood that we were circling in the same route again and again. It got really strenuous until we met a Sardarji to guide us. We made it to Manali in the early morning. As I had expected this holiday trip went good. The sky and the air was clean. The heavenly beauty became clearer when the sun rays spread to the top of the hills, green forest and the valley. I was feeling so good to be there. It was a change for me after such a long haul. The soft light of the morning and the warmness of the sun made us comfortable in the chilling weather.

We explored every possible opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the change of location. The three day holiday trip gave us a respite from the tensions of life. It was fun, exciting and very pleasing for a nature loving person like me. I captured photographs of all beautiful spots, sunrise, the sunset and made note of important things to post in my blog. If you’ve some responsible people around you, sometime the unplanned holiday trips can become the best.

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