Paragraph on a Life of a Florist – by Rajan

Life of a florist could involve a lot of efforts.

Floristry is a much difficult business than we could imagine.



A florist has many responsibilities such as producing, retailing and trading the flowers. The additional tasks involve taking care of flowers, making beautiful floral designs, etc. Florists also need to attain the tasks like stocking, presenting and delivering the flowers.

Wholesale Florists:

These florists have the responsibility of selling a large amount of flowers. They deliver flowers and related materials to the professionals in the industry. They sell flowers at the cheapest price. Usually, wholesale florists have the self-production of flowers.


Retail florists:

These florists sell fresh flowers to the local consumers. They are often linked in the business of serving floral designs, flower arrangements, etc. Usually, retail florists purchase flowers from the wholesale florists.


The major tasks involved in the floristry business are the farming of flowers, flower arrangements and trading them. The cut flower businesses manage the supply of raw material required for the floristry business.

Anyone who has passion of arranging flowers can turn this passion into a profession. There is a huge scope for earning sufficient amount of money by working as a florist. The business of floristry blossoms during some special occasions and seasons.


Life of a florist involves many risks. Let’s find out the risks and troubles implied in the floristry.

Change in the climate and environment:

Some harmful and ecological perils make the life of a florist a bit risky. A florist needs to handle a lot of harmful chemicals. The safety of flowers and plants depend on the insecticides sprayed on them. These insecticides could be dangerous to the health. Also, he has to make the customers alert regarding this issue.

On-Time Delivery:

A florist who offers delivery services needs to maintain the strict schedule. He has to present the flowers and other demands of customers on time.

Freshness of flowers:

A florist needs to maintain the freshness of flowers all the time. Decayed flowers can affect the freshness of new flowers. Therefore, he has to distinguish old flowers from the new ones. Besides this, to keep the freshness of flowers alive a florist has to understand the basic methods of spraying fertilizers, manures, composts and insecticides.

Safety at workplace:

A florist shop has various flowers kept inside. Some flowers need extra attention. Some flowers need the storage inside glass bottle. Thus, a florist has to follow some safety measurements while handling these glassy materials. He also needs to keep a good watch on the customers who have small children with them.

Economic Risks:

There is no use of the decayed flowers. Customers place the demand for fresh flowers. Therefore, a florist frequently comes across the financial perils. He often loses the money invested on decayed flowers.


The floristry business has been blossoming since the past few years. Even some florists have expanded their business into overseas countries by launching their online stores. It is a big sign showing the profit involved in this business.

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