Paragraph on a Loss That Changed My Life – by Rajan

A loss that changed my life entirely happened in the year 2010.

That one day took everything from my life. It is, for sure, the worst day of my life.



I entered the age of maturity at 15. It is probably the age of a child but some circumstances and responsibilities has forced me to become a mature person in the early age. Thus, I know the importance of single rupee from the child age.

On one occasion, my mother gave me hundred rupees note to spend which was unfortunately lost by me. This might seem a small loss but it was a huge for me at that age. It is a loss that changed my life completely by giving some touching experiences to my mind.


I still remember the date. It was 14th September. I was so happy after getting hundred rupees for spending. I was looking at that note over and over again. I started deciding what to do with that money. Should I purchase something or save it for future? Many questions were dancing inside my mind. Finally, I decided to go out of my house and see if there is anything worth for purchasing.

On that day, I was feeling like the richest person in this world. Yet, I was checking that hundred rupees note repeatedly to confirm it is safe inside my pocket.


I went to the city area and planned for purchasing some sweets. I planned to spend sixty rupees only. I started walking through the crowd and finally reached the shop.

I ordered some milk products and insured the shop owner to make it a parcel so that I could enjoy it with my family. The shop owner did the same. He placed the bill of fifty rupees in front of me. So I entered my hand in the pocket for paying the bill.

As soon as I entered my hand in the pocket I realized that I had lost my money. It was the biggest shock for me. Somehow I convinced the shop owner regarding the situation and preferred to exit from that place.

I started crying on the road. I realized that the whole crowd was looking at me. Some people were laughing at me. So I went to the temple of Lord Rama. I started crying in front of God. I asked several questions in my mind. One deity came closer to me. He asked me the reason for crying.

I told him the entire story. He smiled at me. He murmured few words in my ears. He said “Boy, your future would be bright because you know the importance of money at this age”. I didn’t understand the meaning of his words.


This day has taught me a lot of things. It has changed my point of view towards money. I never waste my money on unnecessary things. One can understand the way of earning money but it needs experience to understand how to spend it wisely.

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