Paragraph on a Rickshaw Accident– by Jenny

Rickshaws are the most common mode of transportation mainly seen in India. It is so cheap and convenient to move around in rickshaws in the crowded cities.

It just requires little space and could be worked either on an engine fitted to it or manually where a person would be driving or cycling it.


Rickshaws could be either the three wheeled engine fitted ones or the ones fitted to a cycle. They are easy to move around in the traffic and comparatively cheaper mode of transport. Rickshaw accidents are very high on the roads.

Since these are smaller vehicles, they are also easy to trip around and get out of balance, thereby resulting in accidents which could become fatal also. There are so many people who travel by these rickshaws daily like school students, office goers, college students, old people and the list is just endless. Sometimes the rickshaws would be driven safely, while many other times, they might be driven recklessly. No matter what, accidents are at a higher risk with these rickshaws and one need to make sure that while travelling, you have to stick to the safe side as much as possible and caution the rickshaw puller not to drive recklessly.

To make sure that rickshaw travelling is safe, the authorities need to make sure that all traffic formalities and rules are obeyed and overcrowding of passengers should be avoided, especially in the case of children. They need to be taken around with care and should be kept away from reckless drivers for their transportation.

Rickshaw accidents have become so very common in India and there are many that lose their lives in this maddening race. One has to understand that life is precious and needs to be taken well care of. Strict rules need to be implemented so that the drivers of these rickshaws make sure that they take well care of the passengers that board and especially when there are small children.


Rickshaw`s are very simple and nice vehicles, provided when they are safe and secure to the passengers in it so that rickshaw accidents could be avoided and the travel enjoyed.

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