Paragraph on A Scene at A Court – by Anand


I had a chance to visit the Court last week. I had been there for the purpose of seeing a lawyer who was the father of my friend.


I searched for him inside the court premises until I found him outside the court of the District Magistrate. He had a case lined up. Since he was busy, he asked me to wait for him outside. Since it was my first visit to the court, I thought of taking a look around.

Bar Room:

I waited for him outside the bar room. It was a relatively nice building comprising two rooms. One of the rooms which was the bigger one, had the advocates and the pleaders inside. I saw a few of them smoking and discussing their respective cases with each other while some of them were going through newspapers, causelists, etc.

Court of the District Judge:


While walking around different courtrooms, I came across the court of the District Judge. I saw a huge gathering of people outside this courtroom. Suddenly a commotion ensued as the people standing outside started creating noise in the verandah. One of the guards outside the courtroom interfered and calmed them down.

Courtroom Scene:

I peeked in from a window outside the District Judge’s room. I could see a couple of policemen standing near the door holding the accused, who was handcuffed. There was also a lady who was standing near the judge’s seat. Present in the courtroom were four to five lawyers with black gowns, two of them were standing behind the accused while the other two stood besides the woman.

The assistants or juniors of the lawyers stood beside them holding thick files and legal referencers. I saw both side of the arguments from the lawyers of the accused and the victim respectively. The judge also interfered in between asking them questions as he jotted down the points he felt were important.

Advocates’ Agents And Petition Drafters:

I also caught a glimpse of the large crowd standing outside the courtroom. I realized that they were the petition drafters who sat under the shade of the trees. Their work comprised writing petitions for the people and executing deeds in their favor. The value of the deed determined the fees of the drafters. One could see the clerks and agents of the advocates and senior advocates standing.

Everyone was busy either in writing something or working on case points. The fee of the advocates was being discussed with the clients. The fee of the advocates depended upon the seriousness of the case and the litigation expenses that would be involved therein.

Fair Hearing:

The court always hears both the parties in a suit and then passes a judgment in favor of a party. It never passes judgment without hearing a party as it goes against the principles of natural justice.


The courts are the guardians of the rule of law in the country. They check the progress of crimes in various methods. They provide justice to the people irrespective of their stature.

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