Paragraph on a Street Beggar – by Silki

A street beggar is a very poor person who has no permanent shelter or livelihood for basic living.

It feels sad to see them in that condition, but the increasing number of uneducated people in our country is usually the root cause of this problem.


These people can’t manage to work because an increasing number of people compete for a few openings. However, there is actually very less number of work available which suits their abilities. These people fit only specific types of jobs. They can work as a daily laborer in construction sites and manufacturing plants. However, only young people can manage to get this kind of work.

Statistically speaking, the number of street beggars is rising. When the poor and uneducated section of our country finds no means of income, they realise begging is the only and easiest way to earn money. However, some have made it their occupation. There are gangs who trap the unemployed and physically challenged people and use them as a means to get money from begging. The poor and homeless children especially become their target. It’s easy to win the sympathy of people through children. That is why I don’t believe street beggars. It can be a fake person pretending to be a street beggar.

You must have seen street beggars asking for money from people waiting at traffic signals. I faced one such street beggar once. He was weak and very aged. I usually don’t prefer giving money to these people. But that day I felt too bad to see that street beggar. So I decided to give him some money to help him arrange some food. He took the money and went away. After a while when I crossed the same traffic signal, I saw that poor man talking to a young person. The poor old man was giving him the money. I was very disappointed to see this as the old beggar again started begging money from others waiting at the signal. I understood that the old man was giving the money to the other person. I felt bad that I had helped that old man.

I realised at that moment that he was working for the other person, who probably led the gang. From that day onwards, I decided not to help any street beggar with money. When I help a poor and helpless person, I give him/her clothes and food. At least I know they will use them. Moral of the story is don’t encourage the street beggars. Refuse to give them anything apart from food. Begging is a social evil and should not to be encouraged on grounds of sympathy.

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