Paragraph on a Street Hawker – by Jenny

A street hawker is more or less a mobile business unit where a single person would sell his products which could be anything that he is comfortable with.

One could find Street hawkers selling products like vegetables, candies, toys, handicrafts, etc which are more of day to day use for his customers.


He would either sell them by moving around on his bicycle or carrying it on his head or would be stationed at a spot that would attract passersby. Some street hawkers make sound to make their presence felt like honking or ringing bells, while others use their naturally gifted voice to attract their customers.

Street hawkers are good at business. They get their products at cheaper rates and sell them at good profits. He would be very much aware of his kind of customers and what are the best timings at a particular locality for his door step sale. His customers would be mostly small children or housewives, who prefer to purchase these small items at cheaper rates when compared to large shopping complexes. Simple, small and cute items would be sold by these street hawkers. They have good convincing skills and make sure that some product of theirs would be sold for the day.

Though they have all these talents, the revenue that they make cannot be considered as something large and hence we should understand that a street hawker works very hard for his living and generates just enough to keep him going. His family would be finding it difficult to live in a neat and clean surrounding. Some street hawkers are genuinely neat and tidy, while some others are careless and untidy. While purchasing things, make sure that you do not get them from these untidy hawkers as it may be dirty and unhygienic.

A street hawker should not be looked down upon when compared to the big shops that you see out there. Some things that you are in the lookout for may happen to be with these street hawkers and with a good bargain; you may be able to possess something that you have been longing to have.

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