Paragraph on A Surprise Event you have Experienced – by Shanu

Everybody has a surprise event in their life. This even can be positive or negative depending on who gave you a surprise or how you took it.

Also, there are many ways in which you think that the surprise could have been better. One of the biggest surprises that I ever got was the one on my birthday.



Just few days before my birthday I realized that, none of my friends is going to be around. This was because my birthday is during the holidays. Usually my friends make it a point that they are around during my birthday but this does not always happen. Most of the time few of my friends are there, but this time none of my friends were around. I even called my cousins but even they had plans, I was disappointed and unhappy. I even told my parents that I do not want to celebrate my birthday this year.

My parents told me that I could go to my grandparent’s place and celebrate my birthday. However, even that was not possible, as my grandparents had already planned to go to my uncle’s place. I was extremely sad and unhappy that I would be all alone on my birthday. Is there a surprise event you have experienced in your life? If yes than you would understand how I felt when I tell you this.


The day of my birthday arrived I got up in the morning with a sad face. I went down to have my breakfast after a long time and as I went down the stairs, I saw all my friends, cousins and my grandparents there. They all wished me “Happy Birthday” and I was shocked, surprised, and very happy. You might have a surprise event you have experienced, but you have to trust me when I say this, nothing makes you gladder than seeing all your favourite people together. It was one of the best birthdays that I ever had.

They were all standing there with the cake, balloons, and gifts. We all had breakfast together after which all my friends and family people decided to take me out for a picnic. They all took me out for a picnic to one of my favourite places in the city. We had a lot of fun after which we all came back home. My friends were still there with us. At night all my friends and cousins we all had put on some music and started dancing.



Imagine a surprise event you have experienced, the pleasure that you felt on that day multiply that with 100 times of happiness. That is what I felt when my friends and family came over to give me that surprise. I had many surprises before this, but nothing is equal to the happiness this surprise brought along for me. It showed me how much my friends and family loves me. They made me feel so special and complete. After that day, I know one thing that no matter what my friends and family would not leave my side and would never make me feel sad.

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