Paragraph on a Visit to a Cinema Show

My first time visit to a cinema show was superbly exciting. During my early childhood times, we didn’t have the consent from parents for going to cinemas with friends.

So I used to visit cinemas with my parents only. My parents are kind of cool people. So I’m very comfortable with their company.


The thought of going to a cinema show used to be thrilling and fun. I used to be excited right from standing in the queue for tickets till the moment I got out of the theatre. By the way, at that time the concept of multiplex didn’t exist.

The visit to a cinema show used to be a little time consuming at that time. We didn’t have the convenience of online ticket booking during that time. So we had to be in the theatre much before the actual show time. To avoid the long standing queue, we had to reach the ticket counter about an hour ago. I still remember the experience. It used to be so different. We used to stand or sit for so long before the show actually began.

Despite all the inconvenience, the visit to a cinema show used to be quite exciting. It was because the concept was not so easily accessible at that time. The concept of TV cables started much later. To see a newly released movie, we had to visit to a cinema show. Easy accessibility to different electronic mediums has made it easy these days. Now we don’t need to depend on a single source of entertainment. Although we don’t say that the new innovative ideas are any less enjoyable than that, but the value and fun of giving a visit to a cinema show used to be different at that time.

One such exciting visit to a cinema show was the Steiven Speilberg hit Jurassic Park. This was one of a kind movie of that time. We visited the cinema with parents and other siblings. This was the cinema, which brought the concept of the Dinosaurus in the movie for the first time and that is also in a mesmerizing way. We enjoyed the whole movie. People were shouting, and clapping with excitement. I especially will never forget the feeling. Seeing the big animals, and that is also like live, was memorable. That day the visit to a cinema show actually became a lifetime experience. I will never forget the movie and the overall experience of seeing the movie on such a large screen.

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