Paragraph on All Habits are Bad

What exactly are bad habits? All habits are not exactly bad, however, all habits are bad if viewed from each person`s point when you happen to see it in others.

While you may feel what you have is a good habit, some others may see in you that as a bad habit.


However, no all habits are bad and hence one could make changes to the bad habits that they have and feel is within them.

To get an understanding whether all habits are bad in you, you first need to analyze yourself and the kind of habits you have within you that you would like to change. Then make a note of the same so that you could identify the worst of all. Then make a plan to overcome the bad habit that you have in you. Choosing to learn something new like music, yoga or getting involved in some social activities or sports could help you to a certain extend in getting you away from the bad habit that you have.

You could definitely be yourself among your close knit of friends and family and hence it is also advisable to take their support to get these bad habits off from you. Once you start to implement a change in you, then never turn back thinking that the habit has left you, it would definitely come back, if you are not being true to yourself.

Practice yourself the good habits that you are trying to implement and understand that all habits are not bad as you may think. Therefore understanding and sorting yourself would help you to be a better individual. Being in good company and positive thinking people would also help you to cultivate good habits rather than being in a bad company that would only demotivate the effort that you are trying to put in.


A habit is something that is developed over a period of time when you do the same thing over and over again. Therefore make sure you do something good, so that good habits are developed.

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