Paragraph on an Accident Which Changed Everything – by Anand


An event which changed everything about me was the accident of my brother who passed away last year.

My brother was a person who managed to make my smoking habit go away but he did not remain to witness that change in me.

Chain Smoking:


I picked up the habit of smoking right after my high school. From wanting to have a first-time experience with a cigarette, I started developing a minor addiction towards it. In the company of friends who smoke, I started smoking regularly and became heavily addicted to smoking. I used to secretly smoke in the house so that my parents wouldn’t find out. There were days when I used to smoke up a full packet of cigarette.

Loss of My Elder Brother:

My brother was also a chain smoker and had started developing lung problems because of the heavy smoking. He quit smoking because of the regular chest pains and other complications which started developing. Since he faced a lot of health problems, he started understanding the harsh impacts of smoking. He knew I had become badly addicted to smoking. Since he was very close to me and loved me, he started asking me to quit smoking. I never listened to him.

He used to hide my packet of cigarettes or throw them in the bin. He even got me nicotine tablets so that I stopped smoking. Despite his regular pains and problems, he made it his objective to make me quit smoking. However, on one particular unfortunate day his bike met with an accident and he received severe injuries to his head. His conditioned worsened in the hospital and the next day, he was pronounced dead. We were in great shock and the whole episode seemed unbelievable.

Turning Over a New Leaf:

I missed my brother a lot and was frequently reminded of his repeated warning to me to quit smoking. The realization to quit smoking started to dawn upon me. I remembered my brother’s words whenever I tried to hold a cigarette. I quit the company of friends who used to smoke everyday and influence me to smoke as well. I admitted the truth in front of my parents and promised them to never smoke again. Though my parents were distraught after hearing the news, they were happy that I was honest with them. My brother’s words rang in my ear every time of the day and in a span of two months, I had almost quit smoking. My parents were proud of me and I was proud of myself.



The loss of my brother changed my life completely. I turned over a new leaf and quit a life-threatening habit. I fortunately had the experience of having such a person who managed to change my life for good but was not present to witness the same. Though my brother is no more with me, I still remember him today and feel proud of what he did for me. He made me a better person. He is the shining star of my life.

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