Paragraph on an Excursion – by Jenny

Excursion is also known as picnic and is mostly used to describe a pleasure trip when made by students of school or collages.

Usually excursions would be planned well ahead of time and chosen at a time when there are not much work and more of free time.


Excursions are done with proper planning so that the entire trip would be enjoyable and fun.

We had also planned our excursion this time and it was to go to a wonderful hill station – Ooty. We were all excited and made our travel plans well in advance. On the day of the travel, we students were accompanied with our teachers and it was a two day trip that was planned. We started the journey early in the morning and we were all together in one big bus. The journey was so much fun. We sang songs, pulled each other`s legs and in between took rest as well.

During the trip we halted at many places for freshening up, however by the time we reached the destination we were tired. We took rest and then continued our exploration the next day. We were taken to many places and we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip, watching locations and its beauty. At night we did a camp fire at the place we stayed and we all enjoyed by playing games and singing songs.

Next day we had to start our journey back and though we did not want to end the journey, we had to as there was school.. We enjoyed our journey back and made the maximum fun of what we could as this would be our last excursion with friends at school, as we all would be leaving school this year to pursue our higher studies at different places. This excursion was truly a memorable one and would stay ever green in our memories as we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and was truly so much of fun.

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