Paragraph on An Honest Person – by Silki


Who is an honest person? We rarely realize the importance of being an honest person these days. Who is called an honest person by the way?

Do we really need an individual to be honest? I remember we were taught in our childhood that honesty and kindness are the greatest virtues.


I would love to believe so. To define honesty, I would say if an individual is ethical, not exposed to lies, corruption, frauds, has moral values and is an extremely transparent person, he/she will be called an honest person. We need this kind of people for the improvement of our society and the world. But unfortunately, our manipulative and selfish society doesn’t really need the virtues of this type of people.

Importance of Honest Person:

An honest person can best serve the society or the country. How’s that? It’s not that this kind of people always thinks about serving the society or the country; it’s that they never think about personal gains at the cost of social welfare. Always remember that it’s an individual’s intention that makes him/her different from others. An honest person’s intention is clean and harmless. If a person is honest, he/she would never think of personal benefits. If he/she even thinks about personal benefits, at least he/she would never do anything in the process which can harm others.

What I mean is that a good and honest person is the kind of person that we rarely find in our society nowadays. An honest person will never use you for his/her own benefits. So it’s also best to be in the company of this type of people. You can trust or have faith on an honest person as you know he/she has no bad intentions towards you.

Benefits of Honesty:

Although it seems easier to be dishonest, honesty always wins in the end. This statement sounds vague as we always see dishonest and bad people of our society grow and prosper, but remember it’s that what they show to us. We only see what they want us to see. We don’t know about all aspects of their lives. Dishonest people are clever. They won’t let you know the consequences and the darker side of their actions. They will only let you see their success. So don’t always get fooled by the bright side of things. The results of dishonesty are very bad. You may not even like to hear about them.



In all, I can say that the road of honesty seems bad usually. People may dislike you for your honesty and transparency. You may have to be unpopular among certain groups at times. But it’s only honesty that makes you different and popular at the end. When you know you didn’t do anything bad to anyone, didn’t lie to anyone, you will not fear anyone or anything. When you follow your aim or dream of being an honest person, people follow you. Although an honest person has to face maximum criticism, remember you don’t really need to care about those people if you’re right. Live life with a bold and free spirit. Be honest and help your society.

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