Paragraph on an Indian Wedding Ceremony – by Jenny


Weddings are dream come true and the traditional Indian weddings are just mind blowing.

It involves lot of prior preparations and planning and is a lavish affair among those who could afford to do so.


The entire wedding ceremony takes place in all its beauty, based different factors like caste, religion, and location that the bride and groom belong to. Indian weddings are the most beautiful and fun filled and one, which takes days of celebrations, before the wedding is complete.

Wedding Planner:

There are mainly two major events that takes place, one is the wedding and prior to that is the engagement. The engagement is a simple affair and in this ceremony, it is mostly close friends and family of the bride and groom that would be participating. However, the wedding ceremony is much bigger and guests ranging from 500-1000 or 2000 could be present to make it more beautiful and great.

The wedding eve celebrations are another events that is enjoyed in all it pure form and fun. There is the mehandi or sangeeth as it is called where mehandi is applied to the bride`s hands along with close relatives and friends and the ceremony is filled with loads of music and dance.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom arrive at the venue and there is lot of celebrations on their arrival. The system of each wedding depends on the culture that the bride and groom belong to, but basically almost have the same basic outline. The wedding would be conducted by a priest and in his presence the groom ties a Magalsutra or Tali as it is called to the brides neck, which is considered to be sacred and carried along all through her life as a symbol of being married.


Post the wedding, there would be grand feast arranged, with lot many variety of food and drink and wonderful desserts being served to the guests. All the guests would be having a nice time along with their friends and family and the wedding occasion would be made mode colorful and lively.


Wedding ceremonies are a wonderful event where not only two people unite, but two families come together and vow to be there for each other, for a lifetime.

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