Paragraph on Annual Sports Day – by Anand


The 20th of October is the birth date of the founder of our school. That is also the day we celebrate our annual sports day.

Students look forward to this day eagerly every year. This gives them a great pleasure. They are full of joy on this particular day.


Almost all the students turn up for the annual sports day along with our teachers and principal.

The Program:

As always, an interesting program is made for the day. The students get printed copies of the schedule for the whole day which has the details regarding the events and the snacks breaks. The principal also asks us to invite our parents. The physical education teacher is in charge of the whole event. The sports begin exactly at 10 AM. The event begins with the athletes taking part in different events, staging a march past. The principal of the school salutes as we pass him by. Then the events begin.

Different Kinds of Races:

The first thing on the program is the races- 100 meters dash, 200 meters race, the 400 meter race and 800 meter race and 1500 kilometers race. The 1500 meter race was very entertaining. Rahul, a pretty huge guy, also took part in the race. It was funny to see him running. The boys in the stand clapped and laughed.

We laughed and laughed when all the participants had completed two laps and he had covered only half a lap but was still running on. The hurdle competition was also enjoyable. It was great to see the participants running over the hurdles placed in front of them. The additional races that we enjoyed were the sack race, the balancing spoon race, the three legged race, the potato race and the blind fold race.


Then started the slow cycling race, in which many students took part in. Surya, my friend won it out-and-out. The two kilometer cycle race was worth seeing. About thirty cyclists had taken part in it. They whizzed past us in great speeds.

The Indoor Events:

After the races, came the jumps. The events were the long jump, the high jump and triple jump. These events were also very exciting. After that followed the items for the strong boys- the discus throw, the shot-put, the javelin throw and hammer throw. I did not take part in these events as I wasn’t very strong in the arms and had no interest.

Lunch Break:

The lunch break was much needed as most of us were dead tired with all the running and the jumping. The food served was delicious and everyone ate to their heart’s content. The principal also joined us during the lunch and cracked a few jokes here and there.


After the lunch break, there was the prize distribution ceremony. Prizes for the individual and the group events were handed out. I went up to collect my third prize in the long jump event. After this all the students got a pack of sweets each. We returned home happily.

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