Paragraph on Being Independent is the Pleasure of Life – by Silki


Being independent is the pleasure of life because you get to control your own life. I understand it offers some benefits and also certain unexpected results in some cases.


It typically varies depending on how you would like to use the independence offered. Of course, a teenager with no certain realization of good and bad will not be able to use independence the right way. But for me, as I now understand my own well being, being independent is the pleasure of life because I can use it for my growth and development of future.

Importance of Being Independent:

I don’t know whether it works for you or not, but it makes me responsible. I’m typically a self dependent person. I never like to be told how I should live my life. What matters the most to me is that I should be able to realize my responsibilities. And that I do. Being independent is the pleasure of life because it makes me a responsible person and helps me understand my life priorities.

Because when I’m independent, and allowed to take my own decisions, I try to make them right. I will try to make the right decisions because only I will be responsible for them. That way I become a logical and responsible person. Additionally, being independent makes me caring. When I’m not forced to do something, I feel good. I become caring for my well wishers and loved ones. I start thinking about them and start taking their responsibilities. So yes, independence matters a lot to me.


Independence Encourages Personal Growth:

Being independent is the pleasure of life because it’s important for my personal growth. As I said above, independence makes me responsible. I never misuse this astounding opportunity. When I’m free to turn my life toward whatever direction I want, I do that for good reasons. By that I mean independence is a blessing to me. Being independent is the pleasure of life because it gives me an opportunity to excel.

If I’m not given the opportunity to know my strengths, how I’m going to use it for my success? So for me, independence offers an opportunity for self development. Being independent, I can explore my strengths, my skills and passion. If I get to know about all these, I will be confident. Is not it? This is why being independent is the pleasure of life.


We all need independence at a certain time of our life. But when? That you’ve to decide. We should be able to realize the importance of independence when you value it. Independence is necessary for our personal development, growth of our society and our country.

The independence which hurts our close ones and harm the well being of the society is of no use. Independence should be used only for the growth and development. This is why before you ask for independence, you have to first understand why you need it. Being independent is the pleasure of life to me because I want to take care of my future and live a life with dignity with its help.

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