Paragraph on Birds – by Rajan

Birds are certainly helpful to human beings as slayers of dangerous bugs and as eaters of wild plant seeds. They balance the wheels of nature.


The elucidation of our nature is incomplete without the birds. They are an indivisible part of the surrounding.


Their existence, chirps and flying motivate us all the time. We feel better when awaken after hearing the voice of a cuckoo.


Birds are classified on the basis of their origin, shape, flying manner, color and many other considerable aspects. Some well known birds are parrot, sparrow, cuckoo, peacock, etc.

There are numerous types of birds such as mocking birds, black birds, red birds, blue birds, shore birds, humming birds, owls, eagles, hawks, wading birds, etc.


The existence of rapacious birds like the eagle, hawk, bat and owl is necessary as they maintain the inhabitants of mice, rats and other types of rodents that would or else demolish precious victuals and food crops. They also pollinate numerous flowering plants.


Their dropping is also a good fertilizer. Guano is precious manure acquired from the shit of birds. The seeds that go undigested through the bird’s body drop on the soil and pioneer plant lives into new regions. This process is called as seed dispersal or seed placement.

Familial birds such as the duck, turkey, pigeon, goose and chicken provide animal protein, eggs and meat to us. Some game birds equally supply the meat as well as sport. The feathers and other body parts of the goose, pheasant, ostrich and further genus are exploitable for the decoration purposes. The feathers of duck, eiderdown, chicken and goose are useful to stuff some accessories such as coverlets, outside clothes and pillows.

Even though it looks like an off-putting role but birds too bring some diseases, microbes or germs that get conceded in an extensive manner and might contaminate further mammals, birds, and human beings. They have a reciprocated connection in retaining their part in the reverberation system in nature.

Birds live their own nests. They self-prepare their nests by using small branches and leaves of trees. They survive on the berries of bushes, fruits and other terrestrial animals.

They are the exceptional natural pointers of the shape of various ecosystems. They are the exact indicator in the colliery. When birds get disappeared from a region, then it usually gestures the worsening health of the whole ecology.

The decreasing number of birds has shown some negative impacts on a life cycle. The entire chain of nature cycle has been disturbed through this issue. Almost 41% of bird genus that encompass a narrow section in which they reside are in front of feasible extermination or else are annihilation prone.


Deforestation, increased air pollution and lack of clean water are some major causes behind the decreasing number of birds. We must gravely look into this issue to preserve their life and existence in nature. Many birds die in summer season just because they could not find clean water and cool place. We could place some stale food and clean water on terrace.

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