Paragraph on Character Makes a Man – by Shanu

Neither by wealth, nor by the emerald, also, have the elegant clothes never can, for you see child, Character Makes a Man!

We have seen two children from the same mother contradict each other so much that it becomes difficult to recognize that they belong to the same mother.


Your character is what defines you and not your ancestry or family. In the early grades of our school life we are taught that our character is our most precious ornament. Days pass by and although we forget these basic things, we must remember that without the roots, there is no existence of the trees.

What is character?

Is it you behavior? Is it your nature? No. There is a vast difference between these entities. Character is not what we receive from our family or friends, but our character is our monopoly. It’s our view, our attitude to define and live life. It is what we can call is the reflection of our mind and soul that adds up together and holds you firm in any adverse situation. So you are what your character is and your character shows the way you are, as it’s the truth that character makes a man.


Many a times when we are with a person whom people think is not of a good character, we are assumed to have the same character as that of the other person. It is well said that a man is recognized by the company he keeps, as for the third person, your company defines the way you are. So, many a times people misunderstand but a person with the strong character never turns up from his world and his decisions.

The Truth:

The truth of a man of character is his respect for the feeble and women, his bravery in war, mercy for the old and firmness for any situation of time. You may not possess beauty but if you possess character, you are considered as one of the most beautiful persons. This is because however beautiful or strong you are, your beauty and strength are going to fade away someday, but your deeds and your character is remembered by all.

The Real Man:


Character is a thing which is not achieved within a year or two. It is the struggle and striving for the years together, it is the result of the limitations you put around you and not just flowing away with the current. The real man is the one who controls when he has chance to flow off, a real man is the one who disciplines himself when he can randomly go off. Your character is what your asset is, as all you own of your own is your character that gives you your identity all through the life.


It’s not the money or diamonds who can make you beautiful, but surely you can buy beauty, respect and many such abstracts by the virtue of your character because how you look by your body is mortal, but what you are, is surely the gift of your character as it’s truly said.

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