Paragraph on Cheating in Exam – by Rajan Karle


Cheating in exam has become a serious issue these days. Exam plays an important role in every student’s life.

Unfortunately, some circumstances come up that lead student to start cheating in exam.



The actual and foremost reason that drives students for cheating in exam is the desire to secure higher scores. It has found that many students start cheating in exam only because they are pressurized to score good marks; this pressure might come from any direction, from their family, teachers, relatives, or any other person who has direct impact on his or her career.

They get frightened with the feelings of getting punished by the parents, receiving insulting look from the friends or getting snubbed in front of the relatives. Under this kind of pressure, they cannot imagine the bright future.

One more thing that drives students for cheating in exam is to see the higher scores obtained by other classmates. As a part of human nature, it feels bad when someone of our age does a good job and people start making comparisons. One of the most common things that drive students for cheating in exam is the inability to prepare well for the exams. Some students actually possess the low brain power or IQ that makes them completely blank during the exams.


It is necessary to make them realize the power hidden inside them. Psychological studies have shown that the students who secure average or higher marks in exam have positive attitude. They consider exams as an opportunity to shape their goals. Conversely, the students who cannot perform well in the exams have a little different approach to face the exams. Once this approach is changed via concentration, counseling and hard work, they can also perform even better than the studious students. Severe punishment to be ensured examination centers where rampant cheating takes place must be scrapped and action should be taken against the authorities.



Whatever the reasons are; cheating in exam is always considered as a mal practice. A few marks obtained through the hard work have more importance than the larger marks obtained by cheating in exam. Cheating might help at the outset but it contains a lot of long-standing impact on future. As no knowledge is gained through cheating in examination.

Cheating in exam is not a good habit and it must be controlled at its starting face. This can be achieved in many ways. First of all, parents should stop burdening their child to score good marks. Giving complete freedom to a child will definitely result in gradual but growing progress. Another thing to follow is to stop making comparisons among two students.

Instead, it is preferable to generate self-confidence in his or her mind. There should be a separate lecture in every school or college that can pass the message of being honest into the minds of students. The disadvantages of cheating in exam should be highlighted in front of the students at least once in a month. It is pretty simple to restore good morals inside a child at his or her younger age.

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