Paragraph on Child Labor – by Rajan Karle


Child labor as per law is a heinous crime. Crime because it is against human right consideration and depriving a child from his right to survive as a child.

Children are compelled to child labor because of extreme poverty. The children belonging to the poor families contribute to the income of the family. Children are the future of a nation.The financial need of a large family and poverty and family debts are causes of child labor.



Children are considered as gift of God. Unscrupulous persons taking advantage of their poverty engage them in child labor. They are engaged in domestic, commercial and agriculture sectors and lead a miserable life. As the amount of child labor decides whether the country is fully progressed, under progress, or less progressed. Child abuses are very common with child labor. Most of them who are engaged in child labor suffer from the mental harassment at the workplace. An aversion and a feeling of hatred develops against the society.


It is a fact that the child labors never receive their legal human rights and privileges. As a result, they often need to stay away from the education, proper food, and good health. Since most of their time gets wasted in doing work, they cannot find time for getting education. Because of the lack of proper nutritious food, child labors undergo malnutrition. Consequently, they regularly come across medical tribulations. Many times, child labors come across dangers at workplace that can make them physically handicapped or take their beautiful life. The parents who allow and those who take advantage of the poverty and engage the children in child labor are responsible for the growth of child labor. It is the duty of every person to contribute to his might in stopping the child labor. No child should be deprived of their legal right.


The Government must meticulously implement the provision of law against child labor and the civil society must protect them from becoming a child labor. It is also possible to arrange the donation camps. The money collected from such camps can be used for shaping the future of these children who are less fortunate. One can also utilize various social media websites to arrange the donation camps.


It doesn’t take too much time and money to help others. If a small amount of help can save the future of these children then every person must provide equal contribution in doing this auspicious work. Child labor must get controlled on the appropriate time or it will destroy the hopes of the Nation.


These small steps can improve the standard of living of children who unwilling need to work. They should be allowed to work but at the suitable age. The future of Nation turns glorious when the Nation becomes free from the curse of child labor.

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