Paragraph on Children’s day – by Rajan Karle


Children’s day; it is a day which is fully dedicated to the children. The whole world celebrates children’s day every year on November, 20.

However, in India, it is celebrated one November, 14. All over the world, children’s day is considered as an event of the children , by the children and for the children



The children’s day bears lots of importance for children. As ample scopes are available for showing talents.

Celebration methods:

In India, every school arranges some special functions on this day. As it is a holiday but full of activities. Performing short stage dramas and singing national songs are two common practices. On this day, schools get flooded with a lot of novel and fun giving activities. In order to make this day memorable, schools and many other community groups organize a wide range of competitions to showcase the talent of students. These events are predestined for spreading the awareness of education among the students. On the other hand, some schools invite guests to provide speech to the students. Through their speech, they guide students to become worthy citizen. They explore the thoughts given by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru.


Let’s find out why this day gets celebrated on a particular day every year i.e. November, 14. This date is the birth date of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the first prime minister of India. He had a huge affection towards children. He often used to talk with the children and even play with them. As a sign of respect, children used to call him Chacha Nehru. Therefore, his birthday is celebrated as children’s day in India. On children’s day, many schools take their students to the Samadhi of Chacha Nehru to homage. On children’s day participation in cultural, sports and other innovative functions leave a lasting impression in the mind of a child which has beneficial future bearing.

This is how children’s day can be celebrated in various forms. There is only one day in the whole year which is dedicated to the children. Therefore, all parents should take initiative to celebrate this beautiful day. Try to make this day as memorable as possible. . Every small step you take can bring happiness on child’s face.

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