Paragraph on Citizenship – by Rajan Karle


Citizenship; it is a string that connects the people and a city. Each country consists of different states.

These states are further divided into the cities. These cities sustain the welfare of citizens living in it.


The term Citizenship has direct relation with the people who live in a particular city or country enjoying social and political rights.


A person who permanently lives in a city is called as a citizen. The phrase citizen is also referred as the person who is a part of that particular city, state or country. A citizen is responsible to perform certain duties for the society. On the other hand, a citizen can expect certain amenities in return. This cycle of responsibilities and expectations create the phrase Citizenship.


The word Citizenship involves all activities that relate to the welfare of the civilization. These activities get marked through a dynamic contribution in communal interactions for the development of political, cultural, economical, and material facets of the public life. A citizenship becomes strong when people from all stages provide equal contribution to the society. A citizenship is futile without this level of contribution. A good citizen must be law abiding. However, the majority of people put their demands in front of the Government but how many of them fulfill their responsibilities to the state? A good citizenship is the one that teaches a lot of good manners, dutiful and sincere.


This phrase consists of all those tasks which are dedicated to the society. Nowadays, many schools provide special lectures to their students on the subject of citizenship. These students become a responsible citizen in future and perform all duties that are designed for maintaining a harmony in the society.


If an individual is paying all the taxes on time but wasting too much water for household activities then it is not a sign of good citizenship. Citizenship teaches to save water, to keep the city clean, and lots of other things. It also teaches to respect the senior citizens. A strong citizenship shapes the future of the Nation.


As a part of the society, every person owes certain tasks that are completely dedicated to the community. The base of the democracy becomes powerful when it is supported with a good citizenship. This can be achieved through the active participation in all affairs that directly relate to the society. A good citizen is an asset for his country.

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